About Us

CBD Quality Products


California Naturals CBD is a small family business based out of Northern California. We make premium CBD products derived from special proprietary CBD hemp genetics. We only use 100% natural, organic whole plant ingredients in our products that are domestically cultivated using sustainable agriculture practices in compliance with all federal and state regulations.

CBD Our Experience


With over 15 years experience in the California medical cannabis industry our CEO was one of the pioneers in getting quality cannabis products into the medical dispensaries. He has a strong desire to share his personal experience with CBD, how it helped him, and all the amazing benefits with anyone who will listen. He realized how many people would benefit from quality CBD infused products all over the country and eventually transitioned his career into the hemp industry where he continues his mission to make quality CBD products readily accessible.  With the help of his wife, who is the CFO, they started the California Naturals CBD brand of premium CBD products. They take great pride in the quality of products and service provided to each customer.  

CBD Unique Blends


California Naturals CBD products are unique because they have one of the highest concentrated, truly sublingual tinctures on the market, in addition to their highly effective proprietary blend of natural, organic cannabis terpenes and therapeutic essential oils. All of California Naturals' products are backed by a 100% guarantee on quality and satisfaction.

Organic, Non Psycho Active, Solvent Free, No GMO


Our CBD is a natural product (organic), non-psycho active, solvent-free and does not contain genetically modified organisms.